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Wednesday's Live Stream Updates...

The big O is upset with the players saying the fans are calling her fari and inside the house people are  calling her ORI neither of those names suit me.

After the show airs monday nite we'll let the viewers think of a name.

Second I hope the viewers out there can appreciate the fact that i have been calling you  viewers  they were not happy with me calling the fans. A fan is someone that you have to win over.

the players all laugh

The big O says that the viewers need to get to know the players. the viewers are deideing right now what personal story the players should reveal about themself

 If you found a mgic lamp what 3 wishes would they be or what has been your biggest mistake in life

 the players in the house want the magic lamp :lol

The Big O says :feel free to go about the house while the viewers decide

Jacob my biggest regret was  when i was 20 years old i sent out about 40 photos of myself to  everyone and i didnt take a 3 year contract with the biggest company in the world

 Alex why would that be a biggest mistake?

Jacob that's the one mistake i have thought about for 9 years now

 Alex isnt it sick that one of us is about to go home?

The big O : with 74% of the vote viewers chose BIGGEST REGRET

Kevin surprise surprise

The big O thats an interesting topic you are not to share individually  you must share with everyone in the room.


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