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The Glass House: Live Streams - Posting Rules & Feed Link


With the Glass House going forward at least as of now, and the live streams (webisodes) starting tomorrow it would seem.  If anyone is around 3pm-4pm EST this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and would like to post what they are seeing and hearing for the rest of us that would be great.

If you are able to update, during this time please feel free to PM me.  Or just come tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday and post, but please remember only post only on feeds.

To clarify only updates on the live streams should be posted in this thread, all comments, thoughts and opinions on the show should be posted here:,27247.0.html

Live Feeds should Be Available At This Link:

The Rules Of Posting In This Forum Will Be The Same As For Big Brother Boards, these rules can be found here:,8928.0.html 
(Special Thanks To Rob & TexasLady)

Here's the link to watch the live stream on ABC :tup:
It will only load till the stream goes live. IF there is another link I will post it here  :iok

 Or go here for the direct link to view FREE live feeds

As A Reminder, the live feeds for The Glass House Do Not Run 24/7, like BB.

The Glass House Live Feeds only run during the following times:

Monday: 11pm - 3am EST
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 3pm - 4pm EST.


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