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Will The Glass House make it to TV?

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Check out this thread:,27313.0.html

Then feel free to vote and give your thoughts on this.

It's going to be very "iffy" to get this on the air.  :umn: 

It will air, run for one season.. and that's the end.


--- Quote from: Joab on June 10, 2012, 11:43:15 AM ---It will air, run for one season.. and that's the end.

--- End quote ---
Unless they change it up like BB did after S1... The whole YOU DECIDE thing tends to be a dead end for non-talent shows.  During BB1, CBS basically caused George to be eliminated by showing his whole town voting to get rid of <Brittany?>.  While that type of editing works in Survivor, it's too easy to sway the audience unfairly in a voting system like this.

Folks, the one thing that has to be understood is that the ABC producer in charge made a complete copy of the Big Brother Guest Manual, and apparently some other documents, material and information that is covered by a confidentiality agreement he made with CBS while employed by Big Brother.
That is consider a theft of trade secrets, which in some states is a crime, not just grounds for a lawsuit.
ABC will have to prove that nothing that producer saw or did at Big Brother was used to develop Glass House, and with him admitting that half of the staff he hired had worked at Big Brother beforehand makes the whole thing even worse for ABC. Because all of them had confidentiality agreements with CBS from working on Big Brother.
ABC is going to have a major problem scheduling-wise if the TRO is issued (and from my experience I do think it is likely to happen at this point.)
This is different from a situation where similar new shows are separately developed by competiting networks, since ideas per se can't be copyrighted. But the typed copy of that manual is a far worse situation because it show something far more than "fair use."
It's an ugly situation but I think ABC shot itself in the foot this time.


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