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TAR Philippines - LIVE Sightings and SPOILERS **please read post 1**

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see.. if TAR21 go to philippines, we don't have to worried about not being sighted...  :lol:

the whole twitter is now flooding...

WHAHAHA, We saw Derek Ramsey shooting Amazing Race Philippines in the UST.

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10:57 PM - 7 Jun 12 via web · Details

Nakita ko si derek ramsay sa ust kanina.. Nagsshoot ata sila para sa amazing race. :)))

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10:48 PM - 7 Jun 12 via Twitter for Android · Details

--- Quote ---I saw Derek Ramsay earlier in the UST .. Nagsshoot kidding them for the amazing race. :)))
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i dropped kanina.may nagshushooting pa ng amazing race sabi ng guard.nasa lovers lane sila nagshoot

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10:48 PM - 7 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

--- Quote ---I dropped margarethcapuno kanina.may nagshushooting more amazing race said they nagshoot guard.nasa lovers lane
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LOVERS LANE being mentioned several times, I guess it's where the statue located in UST? or it's a different location? maybe a task or route info?  :duno:

Here's an earlier stop I think.

Christian Panaguiton ‏@xxtiano
Amazing race phil. Here at midas hotel. Haha. Takbuhan to the max.
11:03 PM - 6 Jun 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Marvyn ‏@adVYNturer
so cool!! there's an Amazing Race (Asia, i think) pit stop right in the middle of the school.

yaxcdoodles ‏@yaxcdoodles
Ongoing race (Amazing Race Asia) at Resorts World Manila. Sayang we weren't allowed to take pictures.

Resorts world:

Resorts World Manila is a casino resort, located in Newport City, opposite the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, in Manila, Philippines. The resort is a joint venture between AGI and Genting Hong Kong. The project, occupying part of a former military camp near Manila’s airport, has three hotels with 1,574 rooms, a 30,000 square metre (323,000 square feet) casino and a 30,000 square metre shopping mall.

Zaldy Dueñas III ‏@zaldynamic
Pit stop ang UST ng Amazing Race. I saw them filming in the campus a while ago. It's the Philippine version ata.

Carli To ‏@carrrrrrrrlo
@xLaurena Joke ko lang kasi na amazing race yun eh. amazing race ba??

Laurena Vasquez  Laurena Vasquez  ‏@xLaurena
@carrrrrrrrlo ay? Di ko narinig na nagjoke ka about dun. Amazing race Philippines.


“Nagshooting sila Derek Ramsay sa UST kanina para sa amazing race.. Siya yung nakablue sa pic. Hanapin niyo. Haha! :))”

--- Quote ---Shooting did UST they Derek Ramsay earlier for the amazing race .. He's just nakablue pic. Find niyo. Haha! :))
--- End quote ---


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