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mama dear, would you please post the pass words to your groups in the different games again?

Snickers you should come join some of the games!

Let me look for the piece of paper with all the info and I'll repost them ASAP.

Thanks, Texan,

I am in at Yahoo in a few of the groups there with Mama, I am also over at, in one of the groups with you guys.  And had posted this one just days before the server crashed the first time. ;D  So, come join me 8)

You have been invited to join a Private Tribe in the SURVIVOR Fantasy League.

To log in and join the Tribe, go to:, click on the link for Fantasy League, and sign up to build your own team. IMPORTANT: do not enter the name of the Private Tribe or its Password on the first Registration page.

After you have created your team, click on "Join a Private Tribe" and enter the information below.

Tribe Name: No Map Needed Here
Tribe Password: 1234


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