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Thanks LF and Ugot!   :hoot: :hoot:

During Survivor yesterday the first commercial was about BBC. It was Will and Boogie saying can there be a chilltown this season? And they made a joke and suggested that the houseguests might have been already selected and flown in.

Just received my email detailing that I did not secure a ticket for the 1st Big Brother Canada Live Eviction, but it did tell me how to attend the RUSH LINE to have a chance for any unclaimed tickets - but most important, it revealed where the location of the Big Brother house is!

5101 Orbitor Drive Mississauga, Ontario!

Well here is the rest of the email and information concerning RUSH LINES!

--- Quote ---Audience tickets are no longer available for the date requested.

We would like to invite you to join our RUSH LINE on the date you requested tickets. At 6:30pm, all unclaimed tickets will be distributed to RUSH LINE guests, on a first come, first serve basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Attending the RUSH LINE does not guarantee entrance to the studio audience.

All details listed are confidential and not to be re-purposed or shared (Such as the location of the studio).

The Big Brother Canada house is located at Orbitor Studios, 5101 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4W 5R8.
Rush Line will open at 4:00pm and unclaimed tickets will be distributed to RUSH LINE guests when the box office closes at 6:30pm.
--- End quote ---


My friend got tickets for the  1st live evictions! :yess:


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