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details on how to get tickets for the first 4 live evictions were put online yesterday:

Email with the subject line: Big Brother Canada Tickets for [Date Requested]
Include your name, email address, phone number & number of tickets requested in the body of your email.
Please note that we cannot guarantee tickets, you must be able to travel to the Greater Toronto Area and the minimum age is 11.

The first eviction is supposed to be on Feb.28... so someone gets out pretty early unless they enter the house prior to the 27th.

I already put a request for all 4 of the available dates.

There will be 15 house guests according to a promo released on the official facebook page.

It's great to have on-the-ground RFF reporters!   :hoot:  :hoot:


Another promo:

 Fixed it for ya Leafsfan! :tup:

Another promo:


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