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Tweeted today : BigBrotherCA Big Brother Canada 4m
Shakin' off those nerves before heading into the casting room! #BigBrotherCanada

TazlyTaz Tazly 52m
Holding roooooom!!! @BigBrotherCA #TazlyOnBigBrotherCA

Trevor Boris from Video on Trial is one of the producers and has been on the panels for auditions.

Trevor on Video On Trial

It will be shot in FEB in the middle of winter! How interesting will that be.

Big Brother Canada: 10,000 apply for 14 house guest spots

Nancy J. White
Life Reporter

Ten thousand Canadians have applied for the 14 spots in the first ever Big Brother Canada.

The national casting tour that stopped in Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto and the online audition process have all ended.

“Based on the excitement and passion of the thousands who have applied, we know that we’ll find a legendary group of intriguing characters and big personalities for the inaugural season,” said Barbara Williams, senior vice-president of content at Shaw Media.

The show will premiere in winter 2013 on Slice.

Similar to the U.S. show, the chosen few will leave their lives behind to dwell in the Big Brother house outfitted with wall-to-wall cameras and microphones. They will compete in challenges every week and vote each other out until one is left.



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