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Big Brother Canada!!

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Are canadians from Québec also eligible?

Big Brother Canada Open Casting Calls...

Open casting calls will also be held cross country:

September 23 (8am - 2pm)
Vancouver Convention Centre

September 30 (8am - 2pm)
Sheraton Eau Claire

October 7 (8am - 2pm)
World Trade & Convention Centre

October 7 (8am - 2pm)
Palais des congrès de Montréal

October 14 (8am - 2pm)
Fairmount Royal York

BB Canada has an offical website...not much to look at right now...just casting info

The offical twitter...


Casting Call Teasers...

Featuring BB 14 HGs....Includes the infamous...Frank to Ashley "We could make out on the couch"

Featuring BB 13 HGs...

Featuring Porsche & Lawon from BB13, along with a couple other BB13 alums

If Superpass carries  Big Brother Canada:

1. Do we here at RFF want to update it  in the same manor we cover BBUSA

2. IF the answer is  in a majority  with YES, WHO will help cover the updating,

Nothing is confirmed with Superpass but i know they are interested.

IF they do not carry the live feeds like we have here for the US version, we will be able to cover the live stream via Global when they air it.

3. I will only commit to this if i know I have enough people to help out.

I do have several friends that are auditioning for the show and have sent in tapes.

I'd like to go to my meeting next week with Superpass with some sort of numbers so please post  if you  are interested or not

please know this is not a commitment  I  just  want to know if  it's worth the  time invested  on my end and for RFF


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