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Got to meet Evel Dick & Russell Hantz over the weekend!

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Congrats BlueBonnet!! That had to be GREAT! :keeta:

 I thought Russell was trying to be on TAR with Mikayla  :duno:

RE: Dick not talking to Daniele and people being mad at HER for it:  I dont think  that's the way it is and for what it's worth, what if that's the HEALTHIEST thing for her? You're going to hold that against her and hate her for it?

No matter how nice or rude ED is  to the fans I believe what  his relationship journey is with his children is something that was bumpy and created way before Big Brother  and something HE as an ADULT should have handled better. It IS the parents job to  show the children  how to recover from mistakes and work around life's  hiccups.


It was great ugot!  I didn't expect to get to sit down with them and chat for awhile, so that was a cool perk!

Very well said about Danielle's relationship with her dad.  I get wrapped up in BB that sometimes I forget they all had lives BEFORE they were on the show.  I hope that one day they can work everything out if that's what's meant to be for them.



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