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Got to meet Evel Dick & Russell Hantz over the weekend!

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I met Evel Dick & Russell Hantz last Friday here in Houston, TX.  They were very kind.  ED talked alot about his times on Big Brother.  It was very interesting to hear his thoughts and his plans he had while on the show.  He told me he is not talking to Danielle.  He also told me how cold and miserable he was holding onto the key when he was in the final three.  But, he was very proud of himself for holding on that long.  Russell and his wife were both there as well.  They were both very nice, too. Russell is really enjoying his new show.  It was alot of fun!   I was on CLOUD NINE.   :wohoo:

Wow!  :wohoo:

Did they talk about getting on The Amazing Race?

I was going to ask them about it, but I chickened out!  Haha!  I figured they would have told me they couldn't talk about it anyway.  ED was telling me how he was trying to align with Jeff after the banana competition last summer, but Jeff wouldn't have any of it.  He couldn't understand that!  Lol!  You could tell he was STILL pissed about that.  But, those two guys were so nice and just talked and talked.  Very, very kind. 

I hate Danielle for not talking to him.

What a bad daughter

You could tell by the look on his face he was hurt by it.  He said she hasn't talked to him since last summer.   :duno:


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