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ABC “The Glass House” Live Streaming & Live Voting Begins JUNE 11th!
MAY 24, 2012

Get READY Reality Fans for a whole new Experience! You the view will be able to influence a reality TV show like NEVER before! The New ABC Reality TV Show “The Glass House” will allow you the viewer unprecedented POWER to CONTROL what happens to the contestants! You will have 24/7 access to participate in daily Polls and the ability to Cast Votes that put you in the audience in total control. Live Streaming Mondays: 11pm – 3am ET Tuesday – Thursday: 3pm – 4pm ET To vote go the the ABC “The Glass House” website. The Live Streaming & [...]
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ABC Claims Lawsuit is Unfounded – “Big Brother” has no Trade Secrets!
MAY 23, 2012

The ABC Network has released its response to the lawsuit claims filed by CBS about their new reality TV show “The Glass House” saying NOTHING about “Big Brother” is a secret! ABC is officially requesting the judge to dismiss the “over-the-top” lawsuit ASAP as they are not in violation of any copyright infringement” claims as filed by CBS. In the official court documents, ABC asserts that it is “outrageous” to claim that they have stolen any trade secrets in the making of “The Glass House” as “there is nothing secret about editing a program with multiple feeds together or developing [...]
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ABC’s The Glass House Video Promo Commercial
MAY 21, 2012

ABC’s The Glass House First Promotional Commercial has aired! “The Glass House” is set to be the newest reality tv show, that will be interactive allowing the viewing audience to control the game in real-time. “Every Move, Every Secret, EVERYTHING!” – Cheater – Friend or Foe – Tell Me What to Do! – 14 contestants will enter “The Glass House” and live in the totally wired, state of the art house where they will be competing to win the $250,000 grand prize. The interactive part of the game means that the contestants are not just playing against each other, but [...]
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ABC’s “The Glass House” Frequently Asked Questions
MAY 18, 2012

Here is the inside scoop on what to expect from ABC’s New Reality TV Show “The Glass House”. The Glass House is set to première on June 18th, 2012, where 14 contestants will compete in weekly challenges to gain the admiration and votes of the viewing public for the chance to win $250,000. About “The Glass House” On the premiere, 14 contestants will enter the house and compete in challenges that America will be deciding what happens in the house. Every week one contestant will be evicted from the house, where the last contestant remaining in the house wins the [...]
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CBS Follows Through with Lawsuit Threats Against ABC’s “The Glass House” Reality Show
MAY 16, 2012

ABC’s new reality TV show “The Glass House” has caused quite the controversy due to the remarkable similarity between it and CBS’s summer hit Big Brother. Big Brother is set to premiere season 14 on July 12th, 2012 and ABC is trying to beat them to the punch with their new show airing 3 weeks before it on June 18th, 2012. CBS is not happy about the similarities between the two shows and sent ABC a cease and desist order in regards to all of the plans for the new reality show “The Glass House”. CBS is claiming that this [...]
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ABC’s “The Glass House” Reality TV Show a Mirror Image of CBS’s Big Brother
MAY 16, 2012

ABC’s “The Glass House” Première’s June 18th, 2012 The ABC Television Network is not one to sit back and lose their viewing audience during the summer to their Network rivals CBS. During the summer months the television programming is often hit or miss but there is always one show that consistently breaks the viewer ratings, that show is CBS’s Big Brother Reality TV Show! In an attempt to tape into America’s love of Reality TV shows, ABC has scheduled the launch of their very own reality TV show that has striking similarities to CBS’s Big Brother series. ABC announced that [...]
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Michynkrs ‏@Michynkrs
@ABC_Glass_House There's no mention of $$ for the live steaming vids. IS it going 2 B FREE all the way or R U going to have a monthly fee?
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 ABCs The Glass House ‏@ABC_Glass_House
@Michynkrs FREE LIVE STREAMING video Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4m
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1:05 PM - 24 May 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

@ABC_Glass_House That's AWESOME!! cant wait to spread the GOOD NEWS!!!! I'll be Watching and Transcribing! WOOHOO! RT: @Michynkrs FREE LIVE STREAMING video Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

It's very pretty interesting..;hl=en_US

All I can say right now is.... HMMMMMMMMM!

This should be interesting, it premieres Mon., June 18, 10/9 PM ET/CT on ABC.


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