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I don't think they will have a recruited team due to there not being a recent show finish to draw from.  I ran across this article:  While the article is a bit dated, it seems very unlikely that you'd have the 'Russell Hantz/Evil Dick' teamup that keeps hitting twitter.

Europe will be the first destination. Spain or France will be the first country. And a first time visit to a former Soviet state.
China will be visited, Southern China (Sichuan/Chongqing/Guangdong/Hainan).
Australia (anywhere other than Sydney) or New Zealand will be the last country visited.

And finally, a M/M team winner.

You can see my analysis on this subject in the AR21 Transportation thread (although I do state that the analysis is more general than just for AR21). I conclude that if a race is heading west out of LAX, a potential first destination is Melbourne. If a race is heading east out of LAX a potential first destination is London.

Maybe, Poland? :>


--- Quote from: Wisnia on May 19, 2012, 09:47:29 AM ---Maybe, Poland? :>

--- End quote ---

Unlikely, this June (8/6 to 1/7),  Poland and Ukraine co-host the Euro 2012 (European Football Cup), so I think that WP will avoid these countries, as well as London, because of the Olympics.


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