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Okay so with TAR 21 confirmed and next to hit our screens, what do you guys think will happen? This is the thread to post all your predictions about the race, so you can look back and go 'I told you so!'

Personally I think we're going to see long overdue visits to Spain, New Zealand and Malta and perhaps even a new country in Africa like Gambia!

YAY! I'm so glad you made this thread  :)

- a FOUR continent race, which i think will go
*North America-Europe-Africa-Asia-North America (my best guess is that THIS will be the route of TAR21)
*North America-Oceania-Asia-Europe-Central America/North America
- starting line in LA area
- the first stop will either be New Zealand OR Europe
- at least ONE leg in China
- at least TWO legs in a Mediterranean nation(s) (e.g. Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy, Greece, Turkey)
- if the race goes to Africa, my best bet is Morocco
- first time visit to a Yugoslavian nation (Serbia OR Slovenia)
- first time visit to Laos
- a NEW final city
- in total at least THREE NEW COUNTRIES
- the countries i have strong feeling this race will visit are Serbia, Laos and China

- at least TWO generational teams (i.e. parent/child, grandparent/grandchild)
- at least one African-American team
- THREE FF teams
- ONE recruited team
- at least TWO mactor teams
- a beauty queen contestant

what does everyone else think???

Nordic Area.

What I think could happen:

Leg 1: USA (New York) - Spain (Madrid)
Leg 2: Spain (Andulusia)
Leg 3: Spain - Morocco (Tangier)
Leg 4: Morocco - France - Monaco (Monte Carlo, Nice)
Leg 5: Monaco - France - Turkey (Istanbul)
Leg 6: Turkey (Cappadocia)
Leg 7: Turkey - China (Chengdu)
Leg 8: China - Nepal (Kathmandu)
Leg 9: Nepal (Mount Everest region)
Leg 10: Nepal - New Zealand (Christchurch)
Leg 11: New Zealand - Canada (Vancouver)
Leg 12: Canada - USA (Salt Lake City)

Agreed with supah3ro

It's time for them to go back to China, I think northern China or Russia. I also don't expect to see South America again. I predict another route where they go to the far east first and work around to a U.S. east coast finale.


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