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Air Crash Investigation/Mayday/Air Emergency

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First two episodes of Season 12 are airing soon!  :yess:

Reeve Aleutian Airways Flight 8 - 3 Aug

ValuJet Flight 592 -  10 Aug

If you want to watch them, the full episodes are generally up on youtube 5-7 days after the air date and the trailers a few days before.

(Gosh, I feel like Peach, updating this!! :lol:)

Next episode up!

Singapore Airlines Flight 006 - 17 Aug (1 day after my birthday!)

Next episode!

Silkair 185 - 24 Aug

OMG! Thank you for the information! I hope someone YouTubes them!

 :hearts: :hearts:

It's OK. I get the information off Wikipedia, so it might not be 100% right.  :tup:


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