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What about:
Leg 1: LAX-CDG
Leg 2: Paris- Toulouse ( Train or self driving like in TAR4) (Plane-themed challenges in Toulouse because of the airbus factory)
Leg 3: More Europe

The possibility of going to Toulouse is real, but it is just one of hundreds of cities in Europe that can be reached by connecting flights. My analysis assumed that it would be a city with 2 nonstop flights from LAX in a time frame. There are a myriad of different assumptions that can be used, but most of them will result in a very wide range of possible first destination cities, each will a small probability of being chosen for the honor.

So what you seek (Toulouse as first destination) is possible but unlikely. The same goes for each of those hundreds of cities I refer to. My rough guess is that there is at best a 50% probability that one of the 6 prime first destinations I highlight is selected by World Race Productions.

Interesting analysis!  :)  :tup:
I wonder to which extent they may also factor in the 'reputation' certain airports have.
Meaning, based on experiences, some airports are more notorious than others wrt flight delays, losing luggage and generally being more disorganized.

I've flown over Istanbul a few times and it's not fun tbh, there have always been issues and the airport is pretty chaotic too.

As much as CDG is a big hub I don't always find the layout so logical (I once nearly missed a connecting flight because the check in desk was at the back hidden by others and though I speak French nobody could tell me where to go).
Also they have a lot of 'correspondances courtes' at least the times I have been taking connecting flights there. :shrug

So perhaps I am biased by my own experiences, quite possibly.  :lol:
And surely they can assist the teams somewhat to make it from gate to gate but I wonder to which extent the production would factor this in?? Personally I would much prefer to fly over LHR or Munich eg than Istanbul or Moscow for example, when it comes to connecting flights, because I think it's a lot better organized and chances of a delay are smaller.  :)
(Hope I didn't offend anyone by saying this btw, merely speaking of my own personal experiences, not saying they are generally 'true'.  :lol: )


--- Quote from: apskip on May 20, 2012, 07:30:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: Alenaveda on May 20, 2012, 10:48:55 AM ---Just as a fact:  about the Caribbean and Central America, TAR never had a first leg on that area (only TARLA 2 had the starting line at Guatemala's Tikal National Park).  The closest one was Mexico in TAR3.

(BTW, you keep surprising me with your analysis, and I think you're right about it)

--- End quote ---

I was shocked to learn in an unpublished separate analysis of Central America destinations only that Mexico only qualified under my sets of assumptions with Monterey with 3 flights to there from LAX at 5pm and one each at 9pm  and 10pm. Mexico City had only one nonstop flight and thus did not qualify. The other destinations that do not qualify based on my criteria are Guadalajara, Guajanato and Leon.

I am not clear what you were saying about AR3, but the first destination there was definitely Mexico City although it originated in Miami and not LAX.

--- End quote ---

Geographically speaking (Should be the differences on educationals programs.  For us, Canada, USA and Mexico always were part of North America: everything between Mexico and Colombia's border with Panama were Central America; and from Colombia to the Strait of Magellan were South America).

Back to the future TAR 21 transport please.... Thanks!


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