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I agree that I had a typo when it should have been AF22. The telecast did show an AA plane.  The first American Airlines flight was AA45 1202 1423.

I agree that the teams would have gone all the way to CDG from Tours by  taxi. Someone mentioned they received $500 for that leg. That would be the reason why.



--- Quote from: apskip on December 10, 2012, 06:30:33 PM ---I agree that I had a typo when it should have been AF22. The telecast did show an AA plane.  The first American Airlines flight was AA45 1202 1423.

--- End quote ---

I would rather think that they actually used the AA flight. Things which indicate this are:

* Teams waited by an AA counter when Josh & Brent arrived at the airport
* We see teams enter an AA plane (at least the internal seat design match)
* The telecast featured lost of shots of AA planes:)
* Teams were spotted at Coney island at 15:26, which fits nicely with at 14:23 arrival.
I also assume that the decoy teams made their runs before the real teams arrived so they could be ready at the finish line in case somebody had an amazing memory for words and flew through the final road block. This would explain the sightings which occurred before the AA flight landed.

One way to analyze has the logic as follows:

Sunset was 2030 in NYC on June 16, 2012
Disembarking from the plane and getting though customs was at least 30 minutes (and probably more)
Distance to Coney Island indicate it should take about 15 minutes
Finding and interpreting the postcard appeared to take 15 to 30 minutes
the 7 mile trip to Brooklyn Navy Yard on a Saturday would take about 30 minutes
safety setup for the ROADBLOCK was the major time here, probably about 15 minutes
taxi to Lombardi's Pizza took about 15 minutes
Pizza Delivery took at least 30 minutes
taxi to United Nations Building took about 15 minutes
final ROADBLOCK at UN took at least 2.5 hours, slightly more for Josh/Brent and more for Jaymes/James and Trey/Lexi.

That totals 5.25 hours, which makes the AA flight possible although AF22 has provides a great deal more buffer time.

After looking at the episode most likely was AA45. The plane they entered had a big ONE WORLD decal right by the door........which is American's group. The interior matched all the AA 767s I have flown to South America for the last 15 years.

The Air France flight would have made a good flight to get Production, Phil and Twins to NYC ahead of the racing teams.

This was posted at 11:38am NYC time, so sort of implies that Phil was on the AF flight that arrived at 10am.

--- Quote from: -mxn- on June 16, 2012, 11:36:58 AM ---Gabriel Farofaldane ‏@Gabolicious
Just saw the host of the Amazing Race while waiting in line for the Ferry to Gov Isle for the Jazz Age Lawn Festival!!/Gabolicious

This is from NYC

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I guess if Phil had a helicopter waiting, he could have made the AF 8 the night after the Pit Stop at Chenonceaux on the 15th.


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