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No surprises that Joshua is gone too. He's a CRAZY singer and absolutely deserves to go to the finale, but he just lost in votes. I thought that Phillip was a shoo-in to the finale and that there was a slight possibility that Jessica could go home as well. But I'm thankful that it's not two guys in the finale.

Now I wonder who will win. Logically, I think that Phillip would win. But wow, I really don't know. Leaning slightly towards Phillip, I guess. After all, Jessica has been almost eliminated before.

Though it seems obvious that Phillips will become the winner (-___-), I still hope Jessica will have 'a moment' on her final performance and get tons of vote on the finale! :lol: Go Jessica!!  :hearts:  :hearts:

Both better sing their hearts out tonight, I know Jessica can do it, can Phil.

Reminder that AI is on tonight instead of tomorrow night.

I can't wait tonight but I hope both Philip and Jessica should win it for TAR 11 but that's impossible. :gaah:

I was not excited about most of the contestants this year.  I think Phillip will win.  He has more of a personality than Jessica.  Then again I haven't voted since David Cook!


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