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Who goes home tonight? Who is on their way to the title of American Idol?

The judges didn't like Phil's Matchbox 20′s song:“Disease”, it was his choice. Randy also tried to give the KOD to Jessica for her Jackson 5 song: "I'll be there" which was Jimmy's song choice for her.

I don't know who goes home, I think Joshua is safe, so it's either Jessica or Phil. I prefer Jessica, but it could be Phil vs Joshua next week.

Sad to say it no longer matters to me... I thought Skylar was the best of the season.  Phil's 'Joe Cocker'  rendition of everything has put me off, Josh is kinda boring to me.  Jessica was good at the start, but now... meh.

To say I'm shocked is an understatement.

Show contentJessica and Phil, final 2. Josh is gone.

I'm not really surprised that Joshua is gone. He doesn't have a huge fan base compared to Phillip and Jessica. I'm really happy that it's Phillip-Jessica finale. They are my two favorites on the show since the beginning.

You have a point about the fan base. I couldn't get more than 3 votes in for Jessica the other night, the lines were busy for the entire 2 hours. I had to go to Facebook and vote. I'm happy that Jessica made the finals.


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