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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on December 01, 2012, 09:43:13 PM ---I don't think we have this? Thanks to my new friend! NYC in the No-lita area 6/16.

--- End quote ---

Peach, that is the corner of Spring St. and Mott St.  Lombardi's Pizza.

I KNOW that. But we do not have the Chips there do we?

No, only Trexi in Bycicle Habitat with the camera crew (and, of course, the decoys running on a two blocks radius from Lombardi's Pizza).

We had the Chips at Coney Island, but we did not have any camera crews with them; it's the camera crews that confirms things, right?

In the Chips photo that Prophet found (reply #420), isn't that a cameraman on the right edge of the photo?


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