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As per RFF practices, NO contestant info is discussed or released publicly until the teams are safely underway.

Master List thanks to Dom El!
Click on the photo for the complete reveals!
The Teams
Photos courtesy of Slowhatch, Chateau d If and reta!

M/M  Gary Wojnar and Will Chiola (Friends)

Team identified by ovalorange!

M/MJaymes Vaughan & James Davis (Chippendales Dancers)

Team identified by Slowhatch and Cocoa!

M/MBrent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell (Fabulous Beekman Boys)

Team identified by georgiapeach and Chateau d If!

M/MJames LoMenzo & Mark "Abba" Abbatista (Metal Musician & Manager)

Team identified by Macaroons!

M/FTrey Wier & Lexi Beerman (Dating)

Team identified by north09 and boston_jen!

M/FRob Scheer & Sheila Castle (Engaged Lumberjacks)

Team identified by georgiapeach!

F/FBrittany Fletcher & Caitlin King (Friends)

Team identified by Al!

F/FNadiya Anderson & Natalie Anderson (Twins)

Team identified by Chateau d If, amazinglatinoamericafan and Alenaveda!

M/FAmy Purdy & Daniel Gale (Couple)

Team identified by boston_jen!

M/FRyan Danz & Abbie Ginsberg (Couple)

Team identified by TARdevotee!

M/FRob French & Kelly Carrington French (Married Monster Truck Drivers)

Team identified by georgiapeach!

Posting these for SLowhatch (sorry to be so slow!) with his observations!!

Hippie team, no doubt.

Chippendale team, tentatively ID'd as Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis.

Early twenties. Probably Indian heritage.

Generic young couple. There was another young couple (dark-haired) in the bookstore, but I ruined the video.

The team on the right wore Michigan t-shirts. I didn't get a close look at the team on the left.

He reminds me of Dave from TARAUS. Probably the goatee.

A couple? I couldn't get close enough to read the t-shirt logos.

Chateau d If:

Chateau d If:


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