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--- Quote from: Chateau d If on December 03, 2012, 07:01:17 PM ---Clarification:

They attach the two greeting banners to the black wooden frames and then hoist the frame.  They have to pick through a collection of banners and attach them to the frame that is on the correct flag pole.  No doubt there are bogus greetings to sort through.   :cmaslol

--- End quote ---

That sounds like the best memory task ever created since season 12's bike, ditch vault pole, milk, chicken, stilts, gun, propane tanks, cleaning guy, tea :lol: final task.

Is there any other confirmations in NYC's districts were visited? I'm conforming Little Italy is a check mark from the "make & deliver pizza task" and Coney Island from the Jaymes & James pic sneak-in.


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