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I didn't like BQ's in s10 cuz Bame y'all <3

BQs eww. But I understand the Charla and Schmirna love but... BQs = EWWW. Nat and Kat all the way for best all-female team ever thanks.

<3 BAMAS too bad the likelihood of them returning = negative.

Maybe we can see Brenchel & Youtube alliance if both teams are racing next season  :)

Could you imagine if Bama DID get called back :lol: I loved them so much! I was anti BQ's in s10 but they grew on me in 11

I'd love to see Billy and Carissa race again. Probably in a few years time for the next special edition of the race.

For the next All Stars, I'd like to see teams like Bill & Cathi, Mark & Bopper and Meghan & Joey


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