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I'm on Brenchel's side

Get excited. :funny:

Why Jobby?  :funny: :L

O.M.G. I hope Phil gets his way with these idea:  :cheer:
Just after we had talked about both these ideas as well.  :funny:

HitFix: And are you ready for another All-Stars season? Or do you not want to go to that well too often?
Phil Keoghan: I'd like to see another All-Stars. I don't know if they have necessarily done as well. I don't know. I'd have to look at the numbers. But I think it's kinda nice. I'd like to see us do a reunion show. After 12 years and 23 seasons, I'm constantly getting asked by fans, "Whatever happened to... " I think we're do for one. [He calls over the show's publicist.] When are we doing a reunion show for "Amazing Race"? You do 'em for "Survivor." What's wrong? Are you giving favoritism to "Survivor" now?
HitFix: But you'd be up for an All-Stars season? You're not opposed to that format?
Phil Keoghan: No, I'm not opposed. I'd like a Fan's Favorite season, quite frankly. Let the fans pick who they want to see come back. Open it up to a vote and by popular demand? I have a feeling the Cowboys would be back.
P.S. Peach, is it okay to post this quote?  :)

lol cowboys? seriously?


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