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--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on August 14, 2013, 01:36:11 PM ---I want Linda & Karen back! Those two bowling moms took The Amazing Race by storm. :hearts: They should not be overlooked.

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If only that final task hadn't been a physical one   :'(

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The bowlers almost made it to the F3. If only Karen didn't stop to take a breath during the rappel.

Absolutely no doubt for Dave & Connor needing to come back. They dominated everyone while on crutches. Others since UB I'd like to see are James & Jaymes, Bopper & Mark and Andy & Tommy. I also think it would be cool if international version teams could come, if it were possible, to race other countries around other countries. Sam & Renae, Sticky & Sam, Jet & Dave... Marc & Rovilson who I never watched, but were pretty dominant until it really counted.

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tanks, peach

So the first was Allstars, then Unfinished Business. I'm sure the next won't be UB2. They will come up with some sort of name like they do for Survivor every season.

I'm thinking winners may be cast again in this case and the next "Allstars" may just really be any team from TAR 1 - 23+. Look at Survivor... they even brought back people all the way from Season 1 this coming season. So all hopes not lost in all the teams that we wish to see such as Brooke and Claire, Colin and Christie etc. :)


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