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Rolly was a beast! That kid rocked every single challenge, I'd love to see him back.

Rolly <3

I am anticipating NaNagoddesses and Brenchel to come at my screen together. It's gonna be awesome <3

From TAR 19:
- Bill & Cathi is-a-must.
- Jeremy & Sandy.
- Amani & Marcus or Andy & Tommy.

From TAR 20:
- Bopper & Mark is a lock, I think.
- Brenchel, just for pure entertainment. If they clash with NaNa, it will be awesome <3
- Nary & Jamie

From TAR 21:
- NaNa is a lock <3
- Jaymes & James
- Trey & Lexi will be interesting since they've married.
- Abbie & Ryan is-a-must.
- Amy & Daniel or James & Abba

From TAR 22:
- Maxie
- Pwinnie <3
- Chuck & Wynona
- I think Joey & Meghan will be brought back. More Meghan <3
- Dave & Connor is a lock.

I think teams that had a closing montage will be more likely to return so teams like Caroline and Jennifer, Joey Fitness and Danny, James and Abba, Natalie and Nadiya (these are the only teams that I can think of right now); also, although slightly less likely, Joey and Meghan have a shot of returning partly due to their affiliation with the CBS Dynamic Duo poll


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