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This is my opinion for now:
Andy & Tommy
Bill & Cathi
Bopper & Mark
Nary & Jamie
Jaymes & James
Abbie & Ryan
James & Abba
Amy & Daniel :hoot:
Max & Katie
Pam & Winnie
Mona & Beth
Dave & Connor

Possible All Stars i think:
Brook and Claire
Natalie and Nadiya
Caroline/Jennifer or Pam and Winnie or Nat and Kat
Andy and Tommy/Dave and Connor
Bopper and Mark
Jaymes and James

Bill and Cathi
Colin and Christie
Marcus and Amani

and 2 teams from S23 or S24

Post UB Wishlist:

Season 19:
Andy & Tommy
Bill & Cathi

Season 20:
Bopper & Mark
Joey "Fitness" & Danny

Season 21:
Jaymes & James
Abbie & Ryan
Natalie & Nadiya/James & Abba

Season 22:
Pam & Winnie
Joey & Meghan/Max & Katie/Mona & Beth

Then, 2 other teams from the next 2 seasons.

What will probably happen:

Season 19:
Andy & Tommy
Bill & Cathi

Season 20:
Bopper & Mark
Joey "Fitness" & Danny

Season 21:
Natalie & Nadiya
James & Abba

Season 22:
Caroline & Jennifer
Pam & Winnie
Dave & Connor

Then, 2 other teams from the next 2 seasons.

Who I think should have been/deserved to be on TARAS, I'm ignoring the facts that that team rejected/couldn't race that time, since this is a wishlist anyway:

Joe & Bill
Kevin & Drew (Despite of their poor performance on TARAS)
Oswald & Danny
Ken & Gerard
Kelly & Jon
Charla & Mirna
Colin & Christie
Kris & Jon
Rob & Amber
Meredith & Gretchen
BJ & Tyler (:res: I must admit they deserved to be on AS despite the fact that I disliked them)
Dustin & Kandice

12 teams, italicized teams (6 teams) was on TARAS and bolded teams (6 teams) wasn't. 5 M/Fs, 5 M/Ms and 2 F/Fs
Every season was represented, except Family Edition.

A representative from Family Edition would have been good though:
Mama Paolo & DJ OR Mama Weaver & Rebecca

Would have been good on the cast too:
Flo & Zach/Drew, Chip & Kim.. and so much more teams I can't think of right now.

Obviously, no winners. They have their million, there are so many couples without.

- Bill and Cathi
- Andy and Tommy

- Elliot and Andrew
- Misa and Maiya
- Bopper and Mark

- Amy and Daniel
- Abbie and Ryan
- Trey and Lexi

- Jessica and John
- Pam and Winnie
- Joey and Meghan
- Chuck and Wynona

A Family Edition couple is a so good idea.

I think:
- Tammy and Carissa (Gaghan Family, Mom and Daugther).
- Char and Stassi/Hunter (Schroeder Family, Step-mom and daughter/son).
- Rolly and Rachel/Rebecca (Weaver Family, Siblings).

The kids are now older.


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