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Art & J.J should definitly come back since they never left the TOP4 and were a good team. Don't care if they are idiots. They must come back.

I want Youtubes on the list. KTHX


--- Quote from: David. on March 22, 2013, 02:10:16 PM ---I want Youtubes on the list. KTHX

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--- Quote from: MrDS on March 20, 2013, 03:30:40 PM ---My all-stars wishlist (for now):

1. Bill and Cathi
2. Andy and Tommy (meh... but they'll probably be on it)
3. Mark and Bopper
4. Brendon and Rachel (I'd be shocked if they weren't on it)
5. Abbie and Ryan
6. Natalie and Nadiya
7. Jaymes and James
8. Max and Katie <3 (if they don't win that is)
9. Bates and Anthony (if they don't win that is)
10. Pam and Winnie (if they don't win that is)
11. Mona and Beth (if they don't win that is)

I feel sorry for whoever has to pick for the next All-Stars though, so many good teams recently! If they keep it up as well...

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Starting TAR 17

1. Brook and Claire (for amazingness)
2. Bill and Cathi (for amazingness)
3. Natalie and Nadiya (for amazingness)
4. Abbie and Ryan (for ultracompetitiveness)
5. Jaymes and James (for eyecandy)
6. Max and Katie (for villain roles <3)
7. Pam and Winnie (but I doubt this but I'd love to see them back)
8. Bopper and Mark (for amazingness)
9. Andy and Tommy (bleargh but yeah they will return)
10. Nick and Vicki (for lol randomness)


11. Dave and Connor - because they deserve to return <333 All of you are hating them just because we are bombarded with the cancer story but they are a pretty omgilovethem team so strong so adorbz for some reason


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