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--- Quote from: GabeBabe on March 15, 2013, 07:17:04 PM ---There is a serious lack of Brook and Claire on these lists! They are my TOP pick for the next AS or UB or whatever

--- End quote ---

My top pick as well. A next Allstars without them = </////3

The first time round they were overshadowed by Nat and Kat (whom I <3333), if they are on the next one I'll support them 100%%%%%%

I want KevJumba an PapaJumba to be invited back. I'm not sure they would accept though.

The next AllStars/Unfinished Business/whatever CBS comes up with must have Bill & Cathi <3333

I'm bored so it's obviously WISHLIST TIME!

TAR17: Brook & Claire

TAR19: Amani & Marcus

TAR20: Brenchel (LOL), Mopper

TAR21: Nadiya & Natalie, Abby & Ryan, Chips (Maybe)

TAR22: Max & Katie, Pam & Winnie

Which leaves 1 team each from the remaining seasons :)

By now, here's what I got.

TAR19: Think; Andy and Tommy, Bill and Cathi :eww: , Amani and Marcus  :res:, Laurence and Zack (possible)  Hope; Jeremy and Sandy (criminally underrated), Andy and Tommy, Laurence and Zack

TAR20: Think; All I can know for sure is Mark and Bopper  Hope; Bretchel all the way, with Mopper, Joey and Danny, and Nary and Jamie

TAR21: Think; None. Zero. Zilch. The Season 13 of UB.  :stare Sorry, but I'm fairly sure not a single team will return for another season. I don't why, but I feel it in my bones. If I'm horribly wrong, then Jaymes and James. That's it. Think Trey and Lexi, Abbie and Ryan, James and Jaymes. No Twinnies allowed!  :nono2:

As for this season, too early to call, but maybe Conner and Dave for the pity and Jeroline for an f/f. Again, too early, but that's all I have.


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