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Max & Katie vs. Art & JJ vs. Twinnies

I love the cast of season 22 so far!!!

From the first 4 episodes, I think

Dave and Connor
Anthony and Bates

would be shoe ins, because of Daves unlucky injury (i think they could have won, and still could), and anthony and bates are so loveable! i also think Jessica and John could be given a chance to see if they race smarter, and how far they could have gone had they had 3 brain cells!

There is a serious lack of Brook and Claire on these lists! They are my TOP pick for the next AS or UB or whatever

This is my version for All-Starts from Season 19

S. 19 :
Andy & Tommy
Bill & Cathi
Laurence & Zac

S. 20 :
Bopper & Mark
Joey & Danny

S. 21 :
Abbie & Ryan
Trey & Lexi

Shoo-ins for next Allstars aka Unfinished Business 2:

TAR 21:
1. Ryan and Abbie
2. Nadiya and Natalie
3. Jaymes and James

TAR 20:
4. Mark and Bopper

TAR 19:
5. Andy and Tommy (ew.)

1. Bill and Cathi
2. Amani and Marcus

Don't think they have enough to make 12 teams, possible the next one will be 25. So two more seasons! Unless they include teams BEFORE UB. (and the only team I can think of would be Brooke and Claire)

TAR 17:
1. Brooke and Claire


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