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I'm glad Hollie's gone. Now, the real battle begins.
Phil is pulling a Scotty win. I hope Jessica wins this season.

malapit na, Jessica for the win! :tup: :hearts:

No surprises that Hollie was gone. But it was one of the more emotional eliminations for me this season. To watch her grow from last season, come back strong, then lose herself somewhere in the middle and always barely escaping elimination, to the improvements she made the past few weeks... She really had an incredible journey on Idol and even as a viewer, I'm proud of how much she has blossomed. Her elimination song, The Climb, was sang beautifully and really moved me. The girl has loads to be proud of!

Now we have two guys in the Final Three. I still feel that Phillip could win. He's just like Scotty. We don't know where his huge amount of votes is coming from, but the support just exists. Heh...

A friend hopes she finds some Celtic songs to add when she goes out on her own. Her rendition of "Danny Boy" was beautifully done.  I think she will do well on her own.

I wonder, will we have 2 guys final 2?


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