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Best Performance Of The Night:
Your Bottom 2:
America's Bottom 2:
Your Elimination:
America's Elimination:

Best Performance Of The Night: Jessica
Your Bottom 2: Hollie and Phillip
America's Bottom 2: Hollie and Joshua
Your Elimination: Hollie
America's Elimination: Hollie

Of course, I'd so much rather have Phillip leave tonight. But his votes will help him advance. I'm thinking that Hollie's time will finally be up this week. I just hope it's not another surprise elimination of Jessica...

I'm ready for Joshua to go home.  I did not like his version of Josh Groban's song.  I thought his voice was not strong enough to pull it off.

Best Performance Of The Night: Joshua "Itís A Manís Manís Manís World"
Your Bottom 2: Phil, Hollie
America's Bottom 2:  Phil, Hollie
Your Elimination: Phil
America's Elimination: Hollie

The judges tried their best to give Hollie the KOD last night, they hated her second song.  I thought her first song, "Faithfully" was probably the best she's ever done, and as always, she was beautiful and perfectly dressed. She knows how to draw the audience's eye but never over done.

Phil's first song was forgettable. There is a pattern he's developing when he sings that annoys me when I watch him. He smiles/grimaces as he pronounces his words and it's so not in keeping with the words.  I hope I'm wrong about who goes home, I want it to be Phil.

Tonight's results:

Show contentGoodbye Hollie.  You'll be fine on your own!


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