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Market Wars (PBS)


This show is a spin-off of Antique Roadshow.

I could deciper Janelle's crazy images in her Janelle-O-Vision machine.


Why do I feel that I've seen a show like this before.  Years ago, maybe.  People are given a fixed amount of money to buy stuff at flea markets, and whoever comes back in a fixed amount of time with the highest appraised items wins.  Yes, I have seen this type of show before.  But where?  Oh wait, maybe it was a British show (possibly a takeoff of the original British Antiques Roadshow, years ago.)  So now it finally comes to America.   :lol3:

This proves that there are no more original ideas left in the world.   :lol: :groan: :res:

I used to watch that show, lol. Hadn't thought of it in YEARS. :lol:

And it wasn't all that good even then...

 :lol:  Now I remember, it was called Bargain Hunt. 


Lots of video clips on youtube link here

IIRC, it was a silly show because the winning team could actually lose money and still win.  :groan:


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