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As most of you know, Bill Spencer is the talented photographer who was in just the right place at just the right time to catch all of the TAR 20 Waterfront Towers action!
Our Michael first reached out and made contact with Bill. Thanks to Michael, Bill agreed to very generously share with RFF the rest of his photographs to examine and discuss. One of the NICEST people ever!
So HUGE KUDOS for Michael for initiating and following through on this, without his input we would not have this great treasure to see.
And a very special HUGE THANKS to Bill for lending RFF all these to enjoy!
The ones you will see below are the best of the best, a grouping of some of Bill's and our favorites, the ones that best tell the story of the day.
TexasLady has done a phenomenal job of collating and watermarking all of these in order to protect Bill's copyright. This was a big and labor intensive job! She gets ALL of the credit for figuring out a way for us all to be able to see and appreciate these HUGE files! Additionally, becaue due to RFF's formatting the exif data is lost on upload, she has also made the fabulous Photo Time line you will see below!!
So :ty to Michael for the foresight to reach out to Bill!
And :tu to Bill for trusting us with these incredibly detailed photos.
And :thankyou:  :thankyou:  :thankyou: a million times to TL for the hard work involved in getting these files from Bill to RFF's pages!

The photos below are presented IN ORDER. Some have been zoomed in on to focus on details. Hopefully these will answer some of the questions that have been a mystery from Dec 19!!










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