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Best performance:
Your bottom 3:
America's bottom 3:
Your elimination:
America's elimination:

Best performance: Proud Mary (They really set high standards on Jessica compared to the other contestants which I think is really unfair, IMO)
Your bottom 3: Joshua, Phillip, Hollie
America's bottom 3: I don't think they will reveal the bottom 3. If they do, I think Phillip, Hollie, Joshua/Jessica
Your elimination: Joshua
America's elimination: Phillip/Joshua

Best performance: Hollie/Skylar ('cos they both had two great performances)
Your bottom 3: Phillip, Joshua, Jessica
America's bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Joshua
Your elimination: Phillip
America's elimination: Hollie

Whoa! That would be huge if Joshua is eliminated! 

I think it will be Phillip tonight, bottom 3, I'm not sure. Jessica could be in the bottom 3, Randy tried to throw her under the bus last night and was totally unfair IMO. Phil's second song was a train wreck, he was horribly off key and yet the judges gave him huge praise. He should have gotten real criticism but didn't.

Skylar's 2nd song was beautifully done, maybe the best she's ever performed. Do I think she should be a top 2 finalist? No, but it could happen.

Skylar went home!!!So wanted it to be P2.


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