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Your first TAR season

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This season.  :D   During the two week break during it I took the chance to look through classic earlier seasons.  I'm in Britain and it's an unknown show here, no Amazing Race at all on the TV.  I found out about it as I watched Big Brother last year and liked Rachel winning so I watched this show as she was on it.

This the most awesome thread idea!! How have we not had this already?

The first season I watched live was TAR7 but not the whole season :lol: Since then I have watched every episode live :hearts:

I've seen bits & pieces from TAR 3 finale. I don't remember liking it. But I thought it was a fun show.
Many years later. I got a satellite tv. I saw a promo for TAR 13. Then I remembered of the TAR 3 I've saw before (which at that time I didn't know was season 3).
I watched season 13 and got hooked with the show. When youtube became "reliable", I end up searching for the past seasons.

My first season was TAR6.  My cable company reintroduced the channel that was emiting TAR that year in its listing.  I watched the previous seasons later, as a rerun while waiting for TAR8 and TAR9 (because they broadcast two seasons of TAR toghether - TAR1 & TAR2, TAR3 & TAR4, TAR5 & TAR6, etc. -). :hoot:

mine is TAR 3 on Switzerland-Malaysia-Singapore leg.


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