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I am fairly new to Tar but have watched every single season I'm not from the us so i can't watch it on TV. I watch Joey Gracceffa on Youtube and he said something about a race around the world I watched season 22 I watched all the way back to season 12 and then season 23 came out. I actually never watched seasons 11 - 1 until a few months ago because I couldn't find a youtube channel that showed it so thx JOEY

My first season is China Rush 1.

Kiwi Jay:
My first season was Season 1 back in 2001, however I got hooked into it by Season 3 in 2002! Teri & Ian are my favourite team for this reason.

TAR 3, where Flo was changing out of her bra during one episode and then subsequently had a confrontation with Teri and Ian.

In my mind, I was 12 at that time, thinking WTH is this doing on primetime tv (8pm shown in Singapore) and why are all these people crazily running around in beautiful places BUT not being nice to each other. Flo was screaming, Teri and Ian were being mean and then Ken and Gerard were twin hunting.

BUT I got hooked because I wanted to see them race in Singapore in TAR 3.

And I got terribly hooked until now because the team I rooted for (Flo and Zach), I don't know why, won.

Till now I still like Flo and Zach even though I thought Flo was a complete ass. :funny:

My first TAR season was season 1 around episode 9 in Thailand when it was aired on AXN channel, in which Nancy & Emily eliminated in the first Thailand leg occurred a longer 24-hour penalty that didn't do the Detour. I wasn't dreaming enough my brother told me to watch the show and had no potential interest on watching reality TV other than Survivor.

Anyway, my first full TAR season was season 2 (also aired on AXN channel) and I continue to watch the show ever since, with the exception of season 13, in which I watched a couple of weeks after that season ended.


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