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My first episode was the Sri Lanka one in TAR6, which started out with a dedication to the tsumani victims. Originally, I was hoping that all the previous seasons would come out on DVD, which never really happened.

First full season was TAR7, so I have a bit of a soft spot for this season. Afterwards, I would drop and come back to this show, thus not following TAR13-15 on CBS. But luckily, someone had the episodes on YouTube (which has since, been taken down).

When the 1st All-Stars rolled around, I would have to resort to bootlegs to watching the earlier seasons, though that would have not mattered for TAR4 and TAR6.

Not quite up the standards of a true TARfly.

My first watched episode was season 1, leg 2.  But I did catch a rebroadcast of leg 1 later that week.

Norwegian Boy:
The first whole season I watched was Season 10, but the first leg was the Thailand leg in season 9. My first memory from the series was when I saw Garrett and Jessica in season 15 racing through Vietnam. But at that point I thought teams RAN around the world on foot, so I thought that it would be the most boring thing ever. But when I watched it, I was hooked for life  :hrt:

My FIRST episode of TAR was Season 13, Episode 5. My family and I were flipping through the channels and we saw a floating village. My mom watched parts of the earlier seasons (Seasons 1-4) so she was familiar with the show. I saw Angkor Wat and was HOOKED.
My first FULL Season was TAR14. I didn't watch the first few episodes of TAR13 until a few years back, when I watched almost every season via YouTube. Sadly, most of the episodes are gone now due to Copyright.

Boring Dude:
My first episode was "Be safe and don't hit a cow" from season 22 in Botswana. I was instantly intrigued…


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