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TAR 20 Ep 11 "It's a Great Place to Become Millionaires" Japan

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I am uploading the preview now, it is a big file so may take another 30-40 minutes. I will post it here AND in the Honolulu thread, so let's try to discuss the Osaka parts here and the Honolulu parts there, okay? Thanks!

Preview up! Caps within the hour.

It seems like Art & JJ are either first or last at the roadblock.

In the running task, there's no confetti when Art wipes out. There's plenty of confetti for when Rachel B / Brendon / Vanessa make their attempt, which would suggest BPA finished first.

Moreover, the fact that Brenchel are at the task with Davchel and Ralph/Van suggests that the bus thing is either a nonissue (due to bunching or the difficulty of the task) or not to the gameshow task.

CAPS! part 1


CAPS! part 2


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