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Your Bottom 3: Elise, Skylar, Phillip
America's Bottom 3: Hollie, Elise,Phil, possibly Jessica.
Your Elimination: Elise
America's Elimination: Elise most likely or Skylar
Best Performances Of The Night: Jessica Sanchez - Dance With My Father

I thought they all had one good performance with the exception of Phil. I didn't like either one of his songs. Randy didn't like his first son but liked the second one. If you like that type of music it might have been great, for me it was boring.

Hollie had a really good night with a standing "O" from the judges for her second song. Skylar's choice “The Show Must Go On” for me, was the best song she's chosen. The judges loved it. Josh and Jessica both had great second songs. 

Elise sang "I Want It All" It was blah for me. Randy delivered the KOD for her second choice "Bold as Love", he said she attacked the song, Steven told he to sing familiar songs. 

We'll see who goes home. I didn't see Colton leaving last week.  :umn:

No surprise that Elise left this week. And after many weeks of saying that Hollie will leave, I'm pretty sure her time will be up next week.

I thought that performance wise, Phillip should have been in the bottom three. But I knew that it'd be Skylar instead of Phillip. Phillip's fans are just... Unstoppable. I'm a little upset that Skylar was in the bottom three again though. She's the only girl I think has a shot of winning but if she keeps ending up in the bottom three, the title will go to a guy again.

By votes, Phillip will probably be in the finale. But I hope and pray that what Jimmy said will come true, that someone else takes his place in the finale. He's a talent, a true artiste, but I don't think he should win the competition.

I think the final three will be Skylar, Phillip and Joshua, and any two could be in the finale.

All I hope for is a guy to be gone.


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