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2 New twists for season 2

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I found out that the U turn (and yield , should it return) will change its format to the Israeli versions format (everyone votes for who should recive the u turn as aposed to the US versons U turn format)

I also found a new and unheard of twist called the 'Salvage Pass'. Any guesses on what it could be ?

I hope the article is wrong and the Israeli style U-turn isn't implemented on the race. It's an awful twist and IMO is contrary to what the race is about.

I dont mind the Israeli U-turn. It changes the game and will force the teams to make alliances.

The Salvage Pass i would guess is like a safetry mat from elinamation. ie If a team comes last but has the pass ,the team is not out and is treated like a non elinamation leg.  Called it a get out of elinamation free card,if you will.

The article is right :) The must vote u-turns is the reason some of the stronger teams are eliminated this season, I won't say who but it will be a shock!

I'm guessing that the Salvage Pass might be used to avoid been Uturned or Yielded


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