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I found out that channel 9 has finally scheduled Survivor: One World.

The show will hit our screens  on 10:30pm Tuesday May 1st.(That is not counting the many times it has been viewed online because of the mindless network executives at 9)

Unfortanily we will get the finale weeks after the states unless 9 air extra episodes.

At least 9 main competator in the ratings, 7 delivers The Amazing Race within a week of its US screening(yes, they air on different channels here)

News release :

--- Quote ---
Returning: Survivor
By David Knox on April 19, 2012 / Filed Under Programming 14

At last.

Nine has finally scheduled Survivor: One World.

It will begin at 10:30pm Tuesday May 1st.

The 24th edition of the reality series strands 18 castaways on a single Samoan beach, where they are divided into all-male and all-female tribes to vie for the $1 million top prize.

Nine’s scheduling is way behind the US, which began on February 15th. So far 9 episodes have aired.

Unless it schedules extra episodes it is extremely unlikely Nine will be able to catch up before the finale. And we hate learning Reality winners before airing in Australia on a reasonable turn-around. At least Seven delivers The Amazing Race within the week of its US screening.

Nine has been waiting for Top Gear episodes to conclude before starting Survivor despite fans asking for it to air on GO!
--- End quote ---

Glamazon Racer:
Finally it is starting! :yess:

I always watch the episodes online, but when it's on TV, I watch them again with my sister, so I'm excited that it will FINALLY start! :conf:

Sorry everyone 9 is yanking One World for now , sorry.

nine... oh.. nine...  :nitenite:


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