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Just a head's up that Ryan tweeted earlier today that the show is putting together a tribute segment in memory of Dick Clark. With 14 performances last night there was barely time for them to even get what little Ryan said at the beginning of last night's show.

2012 is not starting off to be a good year for legends, is it?

I have to change my predictions. I think Colton is vulnerable tonight. He didn't do well with his second song, and the judges didn't like it. It wasn't entertaining for me.

Elisha got the KOD from Randy for her second song. I predict Colton, Elise and either Skylar or Hollie in the bottom 3, I think Colton is a goner. We'll see shortly what America thought.

(I forgot to vote! You can blame me for whoever goes home.)  :lol:

Saw this on Colton's web site and his "official" AI twitter account. Apparently TOMS had a "Day Without Shoes" a couple of weeks ago (April 10th), and both Colton and Phillip joined in

And Colton tweeted this pic of Kris Allen and himself: http://t.co/sJewvRtQ

Colton might have been voted off, but once his AI obligations are clear after the tour, I'm sure he will be signed, or he'll fall back on what he was planning to do and use social media; either way, I'm sure he will be heard from again, and not necessarily Christian music. One thing he has now he didn't have in the auditions, contacts, contacts, contacts. And there's no question he can sing and put on a show.

I absolutely agree with you TS. His sister will be able to share in his success, she can sing as well. He's a good kid and the tour will be very good for him.

My Happy side:
YAY!More chances of a female winner!

My Unhappy Side:
Oh god.Colton's voters will give their vote to Joshua and Philip.Looks like Elise or Hollie will be gone next week.


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