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Which 2 will go home:
Will Jessica get Pia'd:
Which one will wow the audience:
Will Colten or Philip end in the bottom 3:

After Show
Your Bottom 3:
America's Bottom 3:
Your Elimination:
America's Elimination:
Best Performance:

Pre Show
Which 2 will go home: Hollie,Skylar/Elise/Joshua
Will Jessica get Pia'd:No
Which one will wow the audience:Jessica?
Will Colten or Philip end in the bottom 3: Sadly,no.

You've made a false assumption that because the save was used last week, two finalists would go home this week.
Nope. Nada. As The Futon Critic demonstrates on its listing page for American Idol (http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/american-idol/listings/) this was originally the week where there would be 7 finalists competing. The show has been ahead since the second week of finalists because of Jermaine's DQ. By using the save last week, this puts the show back on schedule to the end of the season.

I forgot about the effect Jermaine had on the contestants, I was expecting a double elimination as well.  :umn:

Which 2 1 will go home: Hollie or Elise
Will Jessica get Pia'd: No
Which one will wow the audience: Jessica or Joshua
Will Colton or Philip end in the bottom 3: No

I think there should be only one elimination tomorrow night. Ryan mentioned that the finale's on 26 May, so if we count the dates, there should be a Top 6 next week and so on. With Jermaine's elimination, it should all work out that way.

It seems that it'll be a clear-cut elimination this week. Joshua ain't going nowhere, he was FANTASTIC tonight. Plus his bottom three stint last week, he's gonna own the votes. Same thing for Jessica. She wasn't that awesome, but she did a great job and she just got the save. Phillip and Skylar did great. Colton has his votes. That leaves us with Hollie and Elise who did good, but not tremendous enough for the votes to come in.

My guess is that Hollie or Elise leaves. I can't tell who, though. Sighs.


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