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WOW at the bottom three. I wasn't surprised about Elise, wasn't THAT surprised about Joshua, but I didn't expect Jessica to be in there. But you know what, at the end of the day, I'm actually very happy about the results. If Joshua had been at risk, the judges would have saved him and he would have lasted a few more weeks. If Elise had been at risk, the judges might not have saved her. But Jessica was the one at risk, and it was a no-brainer that the judges would save her. AND this guarantees her a few more weeks in the competition, which I'm really happy about. So I'm just glad that it was Jessica. This is probably the only Save (other than Matt Giraud in Season 8) that I agree with.

So now all the girls have been in the bottom three before, and only Phillip and Colton have not been there, despite the former's lacklustre performance last night. My hopes of a girl winning are getting a little crushed, because I believe that Colton could win.

Next week, I believe Hollie's time is up...

Was happy with the save being used on Jessica but the judges reaction was really 'classy'.I mean to literally say that Jessica is one of the best singer on this show and on America, it just makes the other contestant feel like they was never meant to be on the show.

I thought it would be a tough night for someone but I never thought it would be Jessica. She was in shock and I felt bad for her. The judges were literally pushing her to go to the couch and she wasn't comprehending what had just happened.

I thought we'd finally have another all girl final 2 but it's not going to happen. Jessica will be lucky to survive. OTOH, it might be the best thing for her. Get out from under the contracts that would bind her for several years if she were to win.

Is AI turning into a train wreck?

Either their voting audience is crazy or they are trying to incite drama somehow. The show turned crazy for me a while ago :lol:


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