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Starting this thread.

Your Bottom 3:
America's Bottom 3:
Your Elimination:
America's Elimination:
Best Performance Of The Night:

Hollie got the KOD from the judges. Phil was right behind her but I don't think either one of them were as bad as Skylar. She was almost yelling in parts of her song and was badly off key in one part of her duet with Colton. She still dominated in their duet and she is more of a performer, you notice her while Colton is laid back.

Your Bottom 3: Skylar, Hollie, Phil
America's Bottom 3: Elise, Hollie, Phil
Your Elimination: (I say sadly) Hollie
America's Elimination:  :duno:
Best Performance Of The Night: Jessica and Joshua right behind her.

I think if it is anyone except Hollie or Phil, the judges will use their save but it will only save them for a week. Usually I have a good idea who is going home but I really don't know about this week. I loved the duets, especially Joshua and Hollie, Jessica, Elise and Phil. 

Your Bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Phillip
America's Bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Elise/Joshua
Your Elimination: Skylar
America's Elimination: Hollie
Best Performance Of The Night: Jessica

I think they won't use their save on Hollie because for the past few weeks, she's not giving a good performance. If it'll be Elise/Joshua, I think they might use it especially if Joshua will be out tomorrow but I think Joshua is safe.

I think that everyone did great except Hollie and Phillip. But I'm pretty sure that Phillip is not going anywhere. In fact, I won't be surprised if it's an all-girl bottom three. Elise might have closed the show wonderfully but I'm not sure if that gained her enough votes.

I feel that Hollie will go home tomorrow night. If it's anyone else, I guess the judges will use their save. Once again, it's up in the air. I really can't tell who will go home! But my vote goes to Hollie.


Bottom 3: Elise, Joshua, Jessica
Bottom 2: Elise, Jessica
At Risk: JESSICA  :o

But obviously, the judges saved her!  :hearts:


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