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TAR Norway SHOW DIscussion! Includes ALL episodes!

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  :welcome2: to TAR NORWAY Day! This thread is for the weekly SHOW Discussions.

Please read the GUIDELINES  HERE BEFORE you post!

TAR Norway will be airing at 8PM on Mondays and Wednesdays in Norway. This will be at 2PM US EST .

I know everyone will want a way to watch, we are working on that and HOPE to have  (possibly) something available for you soon... maybe translated! 

PLEASE do NOT ask for LINKS here. A place to discuss that has been provided.  :knuckles:
If you HAVE a way to watch, please PM or email me. Thanks!

Have fun, can't wait!!
RECAP Ep 1 HERE!!!     thanks to Best Loser!  :thankyou:
Ep 1  PITSTOP RESULTS HERE Thanks to Rotten!! :tup:

This topic is for discussion of what we see on the SHOW as or after it airs ONLY.

Can we have somebody in live sightings for us?

So...did ANYONE see it? Like it? Love it??


In wikipedia we have a half of the official results and no information about the leg...


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