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Should have started this DARN LONG when the season first started but it seems this season has little spoilers to begin with.

So, let's do a Prediction Game... where we just predict who will probably be going home and justify why that happen!

Since there are still 10 more predictions (i think), each week whoever predicted the correct boot will get one point. At the end of the game, the player with the most points will win the "impromptu game"!

Just post your picks on who may be going home each week and also, state a reason as to why you think the person is leaving/voted off the game!

For next week, I think either Jay or Troyzan is leaving.. but I'm not sure who will be my final pick yet!

I'll say JAY for the reason that the women will start running the game, kicking out the guys one-by-one until Tarzan is the last guy standing. That'd mean that Jay, Troyzan, and then Leif should be the next ones to go and that Christina will be the first girl to go, followed soonafter by Alicia or Kat.

The guys (Troyzan) still have a Hidden Immunity Idol they can play!!!!

I think that the girls will vote out Leif and Tarzan next before they have to worry about splitting votes for Troy and Jay to avoid being bounced by one of those 2 playing an idol.  Once they are down to 8, the 6 women can cast 3 votes for Troy and 3 votes for Jay and be safe from going home.  The only complication is if Troy or Jay wins Final 8 Immunity.  If that happens then Christina will be voted out at Final 8 with Alicia and Kat going at Final 7/6 if both of those 2 Immunities are won by a man.  After Final 6, the idol expires.

Glamazon Racer:
I am thinking Christina. My prediction is that the Kim's group will get rid of either Christina/Alicia to keep the men in their alliance happy and keep them on board for a little while longer.


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