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Yes, YES, YES!  :yess: :conf: :hoot: :wohoo: :jam:

Deandre is gone! Gone for good! My prediction could not be more right! Yaaaaaaaahooooooooo!!!!

:lol3:  BlooperGuy... 

Yes, he's gone, Hollie will follow soon. I was surprised that Elise was also in the bottom 3. DeAndre is only 17, he has a lot of time to develop his skills.

Elise is becoming Haley V2.....


--- Quote from: Alfwin on April 06, 2012, 11:07:51 AM ---Elise is becoming Haley V2.....

--- End quote ---
I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't be annoyed though. Haley was my favorite last season. I would rank the others like this:
Philip- Casey Abrams
Colton- James Durbin
Jessica- Pia Toscano  :res:
Skylar- Luaren Alaina
Joshua- Jacob Lusk
Hollie-  :duno:
Elise- Haley Reinhart  :<3

The bottom three came as no surprise to me. I thought that Elise would be eliminated instead of Deandre. I'm so glad that Deandre's finally gone! I think he's a nice guy, but his style of music just doesn't appeal to the masses and he wouldn't win anyway, so I'm happy he's gone. And I'm even happier that the judges didn't save him. Which I found strange. Throughout the season, the judges have been singing his praises, yet when it came to the bullet, Jennifer was the only one who wanted to save him. But just as well, I'm extremely pleased with the decision.

I'm now fearing for Hollie. She started off the competition so well, but she's beginning to lose herself and I find that such a pity. She's had a few bad weeks in a row and if she still doesn't step up her game, she won't make the Top 6 and the judges won't even save her... But I still love her!

I'm starting to get a little frustrated with Phillip. I can't exactly say why. But it seems to me that he's just not trying to grow. I don't know if it's his fault or the judges, since they're praising him week after week after week. He needs to brush up on his performance. He may be a great singer but he's a really awkward performer. Take away his guitar and it's almost painful to watch him move around on stage...

My guess is that Hollie or Joshua will get eliminated next. If it's Joshua, the judges will one hundred percent save him. Part of me actually wishes that Hollie performs really well next week, gets the lowest number of votes, and gets saved by the judges. Then she'll stay for a few more weeks. Lol!

I'm beginning to rule Phillip out for the crown. Now, I feel that Colton or Skylar could win.

And I feel that Jimmy should totally be the sole judge of American Idol. Most of the time, I agree with his comments way more than the judges. The judges love Phillip and Deandre way too much, but Jimmy's able to come out and critique them. Support Jimmy!!!


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