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Gonna start this tread since I dont know where BlooperGuy is.
Your Bottom 3:
America's Bottom 3:
Your Elimination:
America's Elimination:
Best Performance Of The Night:

This is tough!!!

My Bottom 3: DeAndre, Hollie, Skylar
America's Bottom 3:  DeAndre, Hollie, ?
Your Elimination: DeAndre
America's Elimination: It will be close...Hollie vs DeAndre. I think either one will be saved by the judges
Best Performance Of The Night: Joshua

They all did well, including Hollie. I loved the opening of her song, judges hated it. She got brutal criticism. Loved Phil performing with his brother. I can see them touring together when AI is over.

I liked the duets except for Skylar and Colton. It was not a true duet for me. She dominated and overpowered him, he became a backup singer for her. I'm not saying it was intentional but she didn't sing WITH him so much as sharing the stage with him.

Your Bottom 3:DeAndre
America's Bottom 3:DeAndre,Hollie,Elise/Skylar
Your Elimination:DeAndre
America's Elimination:DeAndre/Hollie
Best Performance Of The Night:Jessica?Joshua?

Hollie should try a uptempo song that she can handle.If she does not do one soon, she will be gone soon.So far the only hopes for a female winner is Jessica but I have a vibe that tells me that she will get 2nd place and P2 will win.Colton seems like a 3rd place getter while Joshua and Elise are fighting for 4th.I can only see Skylar and Hollie at 6th and 7th.DeAndre, sadly will go.It was kinda a let down from last week, so my stand is still let the contestant choose what they want!The duets would good but no best.

Your Bottom 3: Hollie/Phillip/DeAndre
America's Bottom 3: Hollie/Elise/DeAndre
Your Elimination: DeAndre
America's Elimination: Hollie/DeAndre  [I think judges will use their save]
Best Performance Of The Night: Jessica/Colton/Skylar

My Performance Ranks
8. DeAndre: I'm tired of his falcetto -,- But the judges are still like it...urgh
7. Hollie: I love love love her, but this week she's kinda struggling with her song :/ Last week she was in bottom 2, hopefully that will be a wake up call for HolliePop! :lol: I'm afraid she will be Pia'd :(
6. Phillip: He's good but he's too consistent. Predictable. meh. But I think he might be in Final 3 :/
5. Elise: Love her too, love her voice but wrong song choice :/
4. Joshua: Good but not kind of voice that I like. But still, he's good. Jacob Lusk 2.0 :lol:
3. Colton: He owned that song, I love it.
2. Jessica: As usual, she's really great. Final.Pls.
1. Skylar: Best of the night. Glad she chose that song.

I'm here! I was just lazy this week.  :lol3: Well here's mine

Your Bottom 3: Deandre, Jessica, Skylar (based on favorites)
America's Bottom 3: Deandre, Hollie, Elise (based on performances)
Your Elimination: Deandre!  :pull
America's Elimination:  :duno: Maybe Hollie or Elise
Best Performance Of The Night: Skylar  :whoop:


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